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Shower Surround

Replace your tile walls with an affordable shower surround from Marble Makeover—but brace yourself, because these are unlike any other surrounds you’ve seen before.

It’s not the just the impressive durability and affordability of our products that set them apart; these surrounds are beautiful enough to completely transforms the look of a space.

We’re proud to offer Tyvarian brand surrounds that realistically imitate the look of granite, marble, and other luxury finishes in a tough-as-nails, easy-to-clean, and budget-friendly product. Turn your so-so bathroom into something spectacular with a renovation from Marble Makeover.

Eye-Catching Shower Surrounds

Shower surrounds serve a practical purpose, but they are also a way to boost the style of your bathroom—as long as you choose the right product! Shower wall panels from Marble Makeover check every box for style, functionality, and durability.

Enjoy the many benefits of our bathroom wall panels including:

  • Striking Beauty
  • Take a look at our photo gallery to get an idea of some of the designer looks you can achieve with our products. Everyone who visits your bathroom will be envious of the stylish space.

  • Expert Installation
  • Every member of our team is highly skilled and committed to providing superior workmanship for a flawless final result.

  • Affordable Prices
  • You could expect to pay several thousand dollars to achieve the results that we provide for much less. Plus, Marble Makeover offers flexible financing with attractive terms to make it even easier to budget for the beautiful bath renovations you want.

  • Easy Maintenance
  • All of our shower walls and other Tyvarian products are grout-free, so it’s easy to keep them clean and mildew free without harsh chemicals and without the hassle of daily scrubbing.

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